Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Acts 17:1-15

17:2 - "As was his custom." What was Paul's custom? Going into the local Jewish synagogue in any town he visited and sharing the Good News about Jesus Christ. He would go in and break it down for people from the Jewish scriptures...prove that Jesus was the Christ and explain why he had to die. Pretty great custom to have, huh? Paul was unrelenting in his sharing of the Gospel and was constantly looking for ways to use his gifts to share the truth about Jesus. Some of us look at this passage and say, "But there are no synagogues any more...there are no forums where you can go and makes scriptural sound Gospel presentations for non-believers." That may be true, but we need to remember that this was PAUL's custom...it doesn't have to be yours. Paul's example should drive us to ask, "Where is my synagogue?" Where is the customary place in my life where I am reaching out to non-believers? There are options out there for each of us...unique options made available through our own personal gifts and social situations. I am a pee-wee football coach - I have an opportunity to use that position to introduce fellow coaches and parents to Christ. Am I making that my custom? We all have neighbors...do we make it our custom to get to know our neighbors...invite them over...build relationships with them for the sake of the kingdom? Where is your "synagogue"?

That is the verse that really jumped out at me today...how about you? What stood out for you from Acts 17:1-15? I'd love to read your thoughts...

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