Thursday, December 30, 2010

Proverbs Chapters 22-24

22:2 - All men and women are God's children - material wealth and worldly power mean nothing with regards to actual worth, yet we find that so hard to really accept. I believe the disrupted connection with God caused by sin and the inherent selfishness of man leads us to base our own worth on the faulty standards of the world. No matter the reasons, these feelings are ungodly and must be fought at every turn.

22:6 - This is a great parenting verse...this should be the driving force behind the words and actions of every Christian parent.

22:24-25 - When you surround yourself with people who live in opposition to God - why should it surprise you that you start to look/talk/act like they do? We will always be shaped ad influenced by the people we surround ourselves with...never forget that!

23:15-16 - Another great verse for parents here...more than anything I want my kids to grow up to be God-fearers and wise. It brings the greatest sense of pride and joy to the heart when you watch our children do the right thing without is beautiful!

23:32-33 - Solomon paints a picture f the consequences involved with giving in to the lure of alcohol. Alcohol makes all these promises - relaxation/fun/warmth/comfort/fitting in, etc...but the deeper you sink into dependence on alcohol the more it only offers twisted perception and unfulfillment.

24:8-9 - People who allow thoughts of vengeance to overwhelm them and who take time to plan out the evil they are going to partake in, are an abomination to the family of man...pretty strong terminology there, huh? This speaks to the difference between sins of commission and sins of omission. We all sin (not an excuse, but a fact), but some of those sins happen int he moment when we let our guard down...while these sins are still SIN, they do not speak to the corruption of heart and soul represented by sins that are coldly planned out ahead of time.

24:17 - This is very difficult advice for me to follow. It is hard not to revel in the failure of one's enemies...sometimes it seems like justice has been served when the people we dislike fall, but finding joy in anothers' destruction is always wrong. It is not a godly attitude and therefore it should have no place in my life as a follower of God.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Proverbs Chapters 19-21

19:3 - Often, people blame God for the consequences of their own sinful actions. Probably not the best way to deal with the fallout...just sayin'.

19:8 - It is imperative that we take good care of our soul. We usually spend all our time worrying about our physical needs and totally neglect our spiritual needs, which are the more important of the two by far.

19:13 - LOL! I just imagine the irritation of a slow drip of water that just keeps falling over and over until it drives you absolutely insane.

19:18 - Alright, hold on for a second...before you go crazy and strangle (overstatement) your insubordinate child (teenager probably)...don't forget - there is still hope. Discipline them out of love and you may find that redemption you have been looking for.

19:21 - All of us, in our arrogance, have big plans and expectations for how the world is supposed to work. The world according to Brandon sounds like a great place in my head, but it would be as twisted as I am. The only thing that is certain about the future is the will of the Lord...and we know that will be the perfect plan of the one and only perfect God.

19:26 - Another great verse for dealing with rebellious teenagers.

20:5 - It may not always be easy to find the purpose for your life, but a wise man will keep on digging and searching for it. Like a deep water well, you keep working with God to drill into your innermost being and you will find the purpose.

20:7 - Make it a point to live as a person of integrity and you and the people close to you will be blessed by that choice.

20:22 - Vengance is the Lord' is not our place as petty, sinful human beings to seek out revenge for the wrongs that have been done against us. One of the aspects of trusting God, is having the faith that He will make all things right eventually.

20:27 - We have a spiritual nature and a flesh nature. The flesh is bent on satisfying itself at all times...the spirit within us is what God uses to plumb the depths of our soul. Build the spirit man up and wage war against the flesh.

20:29 - The older I get, the more true this verse gets...

21:3 - God cares ALOT more about me fighting for justice in this world than He does about me practcing religious rituals as a means of somehow earning my salvation (But how can a free gift be earned? It can't).

21:21 - This verse encourages me to keep pushing forward in the spiritual disciplines. If you pursue will find life!

21:26 - Generosity is a sign of righteousness - and as we saw in verse 21, righteousness leads to life...the selfish man only desires more and more - he is never content.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Proverbs Chapters 16-18

16:2 - Every person can justify everything they do. We can all make excuses for why we had to do something...or how it was really somebody else fault that we messed up, but there are absolutes in the world. Right and wrong exist, and God knows the motivations of our heart. Stop making excuses and live to bring honor to God.

16:8 - It is always better to have nothing and be focused on godliness than it is to have riches because of selfishness. Being content in the midst of a lack of material possessions is a beautiful picture of faithfully following God. Doing everything you can to hoard as much wealth as possible in your life, is a sign an extreme lack of faith.

16:17 - I live in the Houston area and my mind instantly connected with the highway imagery the writer uses here (We have a lot of highways). Make sure in your life that you take the loop that goes around Evil Town, because that is not where you need to be! If we all pay attention to what is going on around us and keep our eyes open for the things that could cause us to crash into sin, we will be able to avoid trouble.

16:18 - How many times have you heard, "Pride comes before the fall."? I would guess, alot. I really like the ESV's version of this famous text. It says - pride comes before destruction. This conveys a much more serious message to me and that is important. Pride is the root of every human sin...we believe that we can reject God and make our own way...and the arrogance of that prideful sin will lead us to destruction. Never forget that.

16:20 - The ESV says, "Whoever gives thought to the word will discover good." I like that translation, because if you take the time to study God's scripture and to write it on your will find true wisdom. Trusting that God's way is better is a huge step in faith and the beginning of the road to a better more fulfilling life.

16:27 - People who sit around and try to figure out how to make other peoples' lives miserable and drag other people into sin with them are evil. Their thoughts are twisted and their words are destructive...don't allow people like this to influence you.

16:31 - A little shout out for all the old people of the world...Wes Vance this verse is for you my friend (He has had silver hair since his 20's). If you live long enough to get gray hair...then you probably learned something in the process.

17:5 - When you discount and mistreat the poor you are actually disrespecting God. Those are His children just like you are. A proliferation of material wealth does not make a human being more valuable. Remember that you are a part of the brotherhood of man and honor God by respecting ALL His children.

17:10 - Even when an idiot is being repeatedly shown the truth...being hit over the head with the 4x4 of reality over and over, he does not see it! The moral of this proverb...don't be an idiot! Listen to the words of trusted friends, even if they are hard for you to hear...because loving rebukes put us on the path to understanding.

17:17 - Get in the trenches with your brothers and sisters in Christ. It is in the midst of hard times that we truly become family. Friends love all the time, but the person who becomes like a brother is the one who is there for you in the darkest hour...the one who's got your back. Do you have brothers/sisters like that?

18:1 - I don't ever want to hear "Christians" spouting off again about how they have a personal relationship with God and they don't need church to be saved. Of course you don't need church to be saved...only Jesus saves...but after that you need to be plugged into a community of people that are gonna hold you accountable and challenge you to grow! We are made for community not solitude.

18:2 - All an idiot cares about is that his opinion gets heard...a fool always wants the last word. They don't care that what they have to say makes no sense - they just want to be heard. It is the epitome of arrogance and the opposite of wisdom.

18:10 - What is the name of the Lord? It denotes His character...His strength...His personality...the name of the Lord is to be praised. We must connect ourselves to the person and character of God. In Him is the only place we will find peace and shelter.

18:24 - It is far better to have just one true friend, then it is to have tons of friends who you cannot trust...who don't know the real you...who don't have your back.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Proverbs Chapters 13-15

13:1 - Take heed Dane and Aidan...this is your new life verse! (Those are my sons)

13:3 - The wisdom of Solomon is so simple, yet for some reason we find it hard to live out. Life is truly better when you watch what you say and carefully consider your words. It is all the times when we just open our mouths and let the words just pour out unbidden that we bring pain/hurt/ruin/destruction/etc.

13:13 - This passage is really very clear...those who have respect for the Word of God will be rewarded: with wisdom, understanding, guidance, strength, hope, peace and much more. Those who refuse to accept the validity of God's Word heap destruction on their own lives.

13:20 - This is important truth for every person to consider - the company you keep will shape who you are. How are your friends influenecing you? It is a lot easy to get dragged away from God then it is to drag people towards God.

13:24 - Can't tell you how many times I heard this verse growing up. Parents who refuse to discipline their kids and just try to be firends with the children are doing them no translation says that the parenst actually hate their kids if they do that. Why? Because trying to keep your kids happy and be their friend is about you...not is about your kids liking you - it is selfish. Forget about your kids liking you...if you train them up in the way they should go through godly disicpline, they will one day love you because of how you have helped shape them.

14:6 - Those who spend all their time destroying people and tearing people down will never actually gain wisdom. How could you learn anything about life when all you do is try to mock people and show that you are better than others? Those who are gracious and understanding of the situations going on in other peoples' lives are the ones who will be able to find wisdom.

14:19/15:25 - In the end the tables will be turned and the evil strong will be brought to their knees. God is just and justice will be served. The humble will rise to places of honor at God's side and the arrogant wicked will be brought low.

14:21 - Again, very simple...greed and selfishness are sinful. Not caring about the lives of those around you is sinful. The people of God are generous and loving...they are true neighbors.

14:30 - The contented, peaceful heart brings life to you and the people around you...but the envious heart, that is never satisfied only brings destruction for you and others.

15:4 - If you allow perversity to inbfiltrate your speech, it will spread on to impact all areas of your life negatively.

15:15 - This is such a sad truth. There are no good days for the malcontent. For the ungrateful, every day is a miserable experience...they see the bad in everything. Yet for those who seek the joy of the Lord, every day is a feast of blessings and love.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Proverbs Chapters 10-12

Wow! There are a lot of proverbs in those three chapters and every one of those little bits of wisdom is gold...this blog post could be huge! So instead, read through the chapters and comment on a couple of the proverbs that really jumped out at you.

10:8 - This is a theme that runs all through the book of Proverbs. If you are someone who seeks to be wise (Which I hope we all are!), you will listen to what the Words of God and the words of godly people. You will find the path to righteousness through these words. But for those of us who are too busy spouting off our own opinions and meaningless blather to listen - we will only find ruin (And probably not have many friends).

10:11 - The words of God-fearing men and women bring life...they bring hope, fulfillment, guidance, truth and they quench thirst. But the words of the wicked only bring destruction to the lives they touch? We all need to ask ourselves - what are my words bringing? Life or death? Creation or destruction?

10:25 - When hard/tragic times come, the lives of the people who have no faith are absolutely shattered (You can see this first hand at the funeral of a non-believer). Yet, those who stand firm in their faith can find hope even in the worst of times.

11:1 and 20 - Wow - abomination...that is a strong word! I think it is really important for us to focus in on the things that God absolutely abhors, so that we can understand more deeply the character of God. What does He consider an abomination in these passages? People who try to take advantage of other. God cares about His children and He cares when the weak are wronged...He cares when evil people seek gain at the expense of others. Don't let yourself fall into this category.

11:14 - I think this proverb makes a strong case for making sure that you have mentors in your life. We need people who we respect that we allow to speak into our lives. Without guidance and accountability, we will be lost...we will fall. But we will find safety and integrity when we surround ourselves with trusted God-loving advisers.

11:21 - We must never forget that God's justice will be met out in the end. There are some things that are so sick and wrong in this world, that it just makes you want to take vengeance into your own hands...we scream out to God wondering where He is when evil runs rampant in the world. We always have to remember that God is just and He will make things right in the end...and it is actually His patience with us that allowed us to find the redemption He offers to all.

11:22 - This is a great verse for young ladies of the world to remember (I am going to be bringing this up with my baby girls when the teenage years come around) would never take a precious gold ring and put it in the nose of a pig, so don't take the precious beauty of your youth and wallow in the depths of impurity and indiscretion. Don't let your purity wallow in the mud with the are the daughters of the most high God!

12:1 - If you can't take a are an idiot. Never forget that Brandon!

12:4 - What does a crown do for a man? It turns a normal man into a king among men. A godly wife will make her husband a better man...that is what my wife has done for me and that is one of the many reasons I love her.

12:11 - I think this proverb applies to all facets of life - especially spiritual disciplines. If we take the time and effort to till the land of our own make it fertile, then we will reap great rewards...we will get closer to God, grow in faith, grow in wisdom, etc. If we choose to spend all our time pursuing meaningless things...we will gain nothing.

12:22 - Here we go again with that "abomination" word...this time we find that God totally despises lying. I am starting to get the clear picture that God does not appreciate it when people deceive one another and tear one another down. He created us for community with Him and with each other and ever act of our lives that brings destruction to those relationships is an utter attack on the fabric of creation.

12:26 - We must remember that our lives are always preaching to somebody...somebody is always watching. Are you leading people towards God through your life or away from God?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Proverbs Chapters 7-9

7:22-23 - Solomon continues on with his warning about adultery. In my experience, it seems that people often rail against the things that were a plague on their own lives. And all you have to do is take a look at the wives and the harem of Solomon and you know he had some issues with sexual overindulgence. By the end of his reign, he was following his pagan wives into their idol worship...he was giving in to the call of the adulteress. Solomon is speaking from experience when he says that the man who follows the adulterous woman is like an ox being led to slaughter. We should all listen closely to Solomon, because he had everything any man could ever want and in vast quantities...and it never brought him satisfaction.

8:11 - I look at this and I feel guilty. There are so many things that I desire more than wisdom...if fact, it is a very rare occasion when I even give the thought of acquiring wisdom a moment of my mind's time. The reality of the situation is that wisdom is more valuable than any of the things I seek in this world and through the acquisition of wisdom all the areas of our life become better.

8:13 - I appreciate the literary skill in which Solomon contrasts the cries of the world to prostitute ourselves to her evil ways and the righteous call of wisdom to follow her towards fulfillment. Wisdom is absolutely opposite to the temptations of the world. The world tempts with arrogance, deception, perversion, self-worship and wisdom hates all of those things...wisdom knows that all of those things lead to death.

8:22ff - Solomon changes tracks here, but still gives wisdom a persona. It is nice that he rewards the audience with creative ways of describing wisdom. In this instance, wisdom speaks as if it were a living being that assisted God int he creation of the universe. The point this drives home for me is that wisdom, like love, emanates from is a staple of His character. If we desire to live in this world as the people of God, then we need to seek wisdom with everything we have verse 35.

9:8 - There it is...I have seen it played out in youth ministry countless times. If anyone tries to instruct or hold accountable the arrogant/self-server, their words will always fall on deaf ears and the only response thy will receive is one of hatred. There is nothing that rebellious believers despise more than being called out on their rebellion. (F.Y.I. - Christians must always be weary about becoming "righteous" judgmental jerks, but there is a place for accountability in the midst of loving Christian community) When a person who seeks wisdom is called on the carpet, they respond with humility and life change. You can learn a lot about a person by speaking tough truths to them out of love.

9:17-18 - The way of folly constantly tries to convince us that rebellion and selfishness is better..."No seriously, the woman you don't have is far more desireable." "The car you don't drive is better." "If it is done in secret and nobody knows about it...who is it going to hurt?" Folly calls to us to turn from God and live the "better" life...the only thing is, that the way of folly is not better - it is bitter.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Proverbs Chapters 4-6

4:18 - The path towards righteousness is like a sun rise...the longer you walk the path, the brighter and brighter it gets. This is a beautiful picture of the main point that Solomon is trying to get across throughout the Book of Proverbs...when you seek out a righteous life, you will be blessed with wisdom and understanding. For the Christian...we understand that righteousness comes through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ - but we honor that sacrifice and live out our faith by walking the path of righteousness.

4:23 - This was a verse that we used as a covenant on on mission trip to Thailand. We knew the trip was going to be hard and that dark forces were at work in the country which is crippled by polytheism, idolatry and demonic we covenanted together to keep vigilant watch over our hearts. At our times in our lives it is essential to watch the state of our hearts, because it is from the heart that who we are flows.

4:26 - Think thoroughly about where you go, what you are doing and why you are doing it, so that you will make the right choices. This seems like common sense, but I really don't think we take the time to actually contemplate the things we do.

5:3-4 - The temptations of the flesh bring bold promises of pleasure and fulfillment and only bring guilt and bitterness. In Solomon's time the common arenas for adultery would come through prostitution and illicit affairs, but today, adultery can is always waiting on a computer screen...a movie channel...a chat room...a phone call. We must be wary of the lies that these temptations spew.

5:15-20 - (verse 20) Why...why do so many people become intoxicated with what they do not have - why do we chase after the forbidden? The grass is not greener on the other side! True value lies in the commitment of the godly wife...the God sanctioned woman that brings guiltless joy and pleasure...don't let yourself be led astray from the reality of things.

6:1-2, 5 - Do not let yourself get into debt...that is Solomon's advice. He says, "Do everything within your power do get out from under the thumb of debt." If you can, it is like the prey escaping the is an experience of freedom. One of the easiest ways to avoid debt is to live within your means.

6:17-19 - In all the lists of things that God abhors and hates throughout the bible, it is always shocking (and sobering) to come across things that are fairly common in the midst of Christian communities. God absolutely abhors lying, yet it is something that happens frequently int he lives of Christians...we have all the excuses down for why we justify our lies but that changes nothing about the fact that God hates it (And usually you don't want to spend time doing stuff that God hates - not good for your life or the future). I work at a church and we frequently see people within our church body that actually sow the seeds of discord among brothers and sisters of we all understand that God finds that absolutely detestable? God's people being so self-centered and self-absorbed that they are willing to cause rifts in the community of God's people - that is sick!

6:32 - Another very clear point here from the are an idiot if you choose to live an adulterous lifestyle! Whether you are a physical or mental adulterer the end is the same...adultery brings destruction on your life - stay away from it...guard yourself.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Proverbs Chapters 1-3

1:7 - Humbly understanding the power and perfection of God (i.e. fear) is the starting point of wisdom. Why? Because, before a man can start the process of truly becoming wise, he must understand that before God he knows nothing. This beginning place of humility is the fertile ground in which God will plant the seeds of wisdom.

1:17-18 - Evil, selfish, greedy people like to set traps for others. They like to try to take advantage of the weaker...they like to prove their "superiority" by earthly standards - all the while smugly believing the have really won...conquered another person. What they do not know is that the only trap they are truly setting is for themselves. They are tightening the snare of destruction around themselves. Their supposed victory is a precursor to utter defeat.

1:22 - How long will we continue to do the same stupid things...remain in the same destructive patterns that have never truly brought us satisfaction before? Have you ever asked yourself this question? I have...a million times...why do human beings continue to go through the same cycles that have brought nothing but pain in the past?

2:1-5 - If you humbly seek out wisdom...if you chase after it with everything you will understand what it means to fear God. You will understand that fearing God leads to worship of God, which is what we were made for. And in the midst of worshipping you seek His face...He will give you the wisdom that you are looking for. He will write His character and nature on your heart.

2:7 - I like this description of wisdom...wisdom is like a shield that protects you from the fallout of idiotic living. As you grow in wisdom you will be more and more protected.

2:16 - Wisdom will give you the vision to see the lies and the unfulfilled promises of the flesh...wisdom will help you see the destructive, selfish, toxic nature of lust and adultery.

3:3 - Make sure that love and faithfulness are written all over the core of your being and on every aspect of your life - then all aspects of your life will be successful. Does this mean that you will be rich and everything will be perfect? No. It means that you will understand what true success means that you will understand the richness of loving relationship and knowing that God is in control.

3:9 - When we give to God first from our wealth, we are living out our trust of Him and our humility before Him...and these things are essential ingredients to an wisdom seeker's life.

3:11-12 - Do not be angry and resentful when God allows you to wallow in the consequences of your own sin choices. I know this is easier to say than to live out, but it is through these consequences that God disciplines and instructs us. Through the pain we are experiencing, God wants us to return to Him...God's discipline is a sign of His love for us.

3:19-20 - I love this beauty picture of wisdom...Solomon writes that the Lord created the entire universe through His wisdom and understanding. Wisdom is the brush with which God created all things. What can you and I create in your lives by seeking wisdom? Better lives? Better relationships? Peace? Joy? A better world? Yes - I believe we can.

3:30 - This hits very close to home with me. Why do I feel the need to compete and contend with everyone around me? Why do I constantly feel the need to try to prove myself "better" than another? Am I that I that fearful? The need to contend over mundane/meaningless events is a sign of arrogant selfishness...not the mark of a wise person.

3:35 - Pretty cut and dry - the life spent seeking Godly wisdom is honorable...the life spent rejecting God and His wisdom is a heartbreaking disgrace.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Psalms 144 - 150

144:1-2 - I love the imagery that God is our defense...He is our fortress...our shield. Not only can we stand firm in our faith knowing that God is with us, He prepares us for war so that we might be able to stand against the overwhelming forces of evil in this world. I am not alone...I am not unarmed...I am armed with the Word of God...I am armed with the knowledge of truth and a better way. May I stand strong.

145:5-6 - We must remember to always think back to the way that God has moved in our lives. Think about the times when you have seen Him bring redemption and change to your life and the lives of people around you. Think about how you have seen His hands at work in the world...think about the miracles He has worked in people's lives. When you remember these things and focus on them, then you will be able to powerfully testify to the greatness of God. You don't have to know everything about God and the bible to teach others about need to speak from the heart about how you have seen Him move.

146:3-4- There is no hope found in the lives of other human beings. How often have we seen ourselves and others crushed by putting their hope fully in the life of another person? Remember the pain, the heartbreak, the letdown that comes when we find out that they cannot be our salvation...they cannot give us what we seek. Our hope...our salvation...our fulfillment can only be found in God.

147:6 - God's kingdom is totally upside down from the kingdom of this world. In God;s kingdom it is always opposite day with regards to how we know the world operates. In God;s kingdom the lowly and weak are lifted up and honored...they are the people who garner is the evil, arrogant, strong that are brought to their knees in humility before God. Which group do you associate with more? Which group do you strive to be a part of?

148:5 - This verse really sums up the chapter. Everything...everything in all of creation must praise the Lord because He is our creator. Do you understand - we don;t exists without Him? I meet people that think it is unreasonable that God demands worship...they think it sounds arrogant and selfish, but my question is, "How arrogant and selfish is it for human beings who only exist by the power of God's presence to deny Him His rightful place of honor in their lives?" We are nothing without God, so He deserves everything from us.

150:6 - This is such a fitting way to close out the book of psalms - let everything that has breath praise the Lord! AMEN!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Psalms 136 - 143

Psalm 136 - This is a powerful psalm of praise, thanking God for His faithfulness. It would be a really good practice to go through your life and literally thank God for everything you can think of, repeating "for His steadfast love endures forever" after speaking each blessing...great way to focus in on the love of God and the powerful way He has worked in your life.

137:5-6 - A conservative Jewish reggae-style rapper named Matisyahu has a great song called "Jerusalem" based partially on this passage (I believe). I love the challenge that the psalmist throws down for us - if we forget about the kingdom of God, we have forgotten our identity...we have forgotten who we are and why we serve. We become useless. May we never forget what is important in life and who we serve.

138:6 - Is it not incredible how God operates? He is the most powerful being in all existence...He existed before there was even a concept of existence...He is the definition of perfection, yet He is drawn to the helpless and lowly. He loves most deeply those who are the least like Him...those who are powerless and weak. We need more Christians in this world who live out these characteristics of God...who seek to love the lowly and lost.

139:13-14 - Isn't it beautiful that God has always known you? He knew me before there even was a "me"! It is amazing and uplifting that He cares that much. When David writes that he is fearfully and wonderfully made - there is a poetic depth and power to that phrase that is rarely paralleled. Wonderfully - God has created each and every human being as a work of art...we are walking miracles of life and creativity...we are help together by the force of God's nature and the depth of His will...we are wonderfully made. Fearfully - Have you ever thought about the danger involved in God creating us? Because He wanted to create and expand His love and give Himself away on a greater level...He created us. He created us to be a part of the community of Himself (Father, Son and Spirit). Yet we are fearfully made, because God loves us completely and within each of us is the power to reject, rebel, and sin...within each of us is the power to break God's heart. He knew this possibility and loved us so much hat He made us anyway.

139:23-24 - This is a great and scary prayer to ask of God. Give me clarity Lord...let me see the vileness and twistedness within me and please show me how to change. Please show me how to walk the paths of righteousness. Bold prayer...and one that will enable you to take the first steps in living a God-honoring life.

142:5 - Never forget - God is the place where we will find rest and peace. God is the only treasure that we can seek that will actually give us fulfillment and understanding. And we're not talking about a future hope here...we are not just talking about our rest and fulfillment being in heaven some day - God is offering himself to us right the world of the living!

143:5-6 - When faced with difficulties of life, these verses show what David is doing to seek out God. He is giving us a picture of what he does to quench his soul thirst for God. He remembers back to when his faith was at its most firm and powerful. What can we do to reclaim that? What has changed? He meditates on the things that God has done. Do we spend time genuinely thanking God for the blessing in our life? He lifts his hands and worships God. What are you doing on a daily basis to live our worship to your God?